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CORDES : « Magical Bonds with Sophia Rose and Felix Ruckert – Jour 2 »

04/02/2018 @ 10:00 - 17:00

Magical Bonds – The Art of Sensual Rope Bondage
( two days / 12 hours total)

With Sophia Rose and Felix Ruckert

Felix and Sophia join forces to teach high level rope bondage that brings more sensuality and excitement into the rope class. Their unique approach invites participants to compose with body, rope, time and space to create emotionally and sensually intense scenes. They wish to acknowledge the sexual drive as an essential aspect of the act of tying and getting tied.

The class does not deliver specific pathways or rope patterns, but rather promotes a more conceptual understanding of rope bondage technique: It provides knowledge of rope handling and rope flow, it demonstrates a sophisticated use of tension and friction, it offers somatic skills and anatomical knowlegde. It introduces tools for conscious touch and precise body manipulation, for composition and spatial design, for the creative use of suspension points, spatial elements and props and for the creation of session narratives.

The psychological and emotional aspects of rope bondage play an essential role. The course will focus on the beauty of the body simultaneously under stress and arousal, it will invite you to play with the transformation of so called negative emotions. Fear, shame, aggression, sadness and pain will be given space, in order to achieve pleasure, joy, pride, empowerment and laughter. Situations and games may include themes such as: seduction, exposure, abuse, rape, helplessness, abondonment, isolation. We will consciously explore control and the loss of control and we plan to challenge your and our own limits.

Participants will be guided through scores for tying that are concerned with the sensual and sexual aspects of rope bondage. Sessions that are both equally rewarding for the rigger and the model. Even though the course will also teach some specific ties for different purposes, it is not focussing on improving traditional technical skills. Participants will work with the technical skills they already master and may therefore interpretate all the proposed exercises at their individual level of virtuosity, freely alternating between floor work, half and full suspensions.

The workshop is therefore geared to intermediate/advanced players who look for new approaches and challenges. They should come with good communication skills and the ability to clearly express borders and limits. If the group feels comfortable with nudity and sexual activities in a rope class, these might be permitted for some sessions. Obviously there is no obligation to engage in any activity not desired.

As the workshop has a focus on creativity, composition and emotional expression it is also highly recommended for people who wish to develop rope bondage performances. We will base some sessions on theatrical play scenarios, therefore we ask participants to bring some costumes or outfits for tying and getting tied. We wish to explore specific ties related to specific fetishes and scenarios. Ideally you bring: # a comfortable yoga, dance or body work outfit, # a more formal outfit , business style or school uniform etc, # an elegant outfit, a dress or similiar and # one simple cloth, scarf or thin blanket. For the breaks think of bringing some healthy light snacks as well.

The presenters:

Sophia Rose
Sophia is a shibari performer/model, nude lady, cat lover and switchy masochist based in London. She has been enthralled by rope since 2014 and has been an integral part of Anatomie Studio’s blossoming and diverse community since it opened. Sophia regularly performs as a rope model both inside and outside the UK and is a seasoned rope bottom for workshops. She hopes to share and learn more about her passion for sexual empowerment, freedom of expression and love of exploring the different uses of rope with others.

More about Sophia <https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009572852143> here:


Felix Ruckert
Following a long career as an internationally renowned dancer and choreographer Felix expanded her skill set when she discovered Shibari or Kinbaku – Japanese Rope Bondage – in 1999. She had the chance to study with some of the most celebrated japanese and western masters, amongst her first teachers were Matthias T.J. Grimme, Midori, Shadow and Osada Steve.

When in 2007 she opened schwelle7, it quickly became an important hub for the international Shibari community. For nine years she regularily invited masters from Japan and therefore had also the opportunity to learn from Arisue Go, Nawashi Kanna, Hajime Kinoko, Akira Naka, Otonaya Otonawa and Ren Yagami. By programming Shibari at schwelle7 Felix Ruckert played a significant role in popularizing the practice in Berlin and throughout Europe. She also created several performances for the stage that integrated elements of Japanese Rope Bondage: STILLEN (2000), DIE FARM (2006), DRYADE – A DARK FAIRY (2011) and ZERO GRAVITY ZONE (2012).

Currently she organizes twice a year the EURIX (European Rigger&Model Exchange) in Berlin, which is one of the most popular international meetings for rope artists who engage in the development of Kinbaku as an art form. More -> EURIX<http://felixruckert.de/2015/10/01/eurix/> . At EURIX she recently started again to create short Rope Bondage Performances applying some strict conceptual rules:Using innovative technique, Defining narrative and subtext, Applying tools of instant composition.

Her approach to individual sessions is unconventional and does not follow any particular style. Her ties adapt to each partner and each situation, she composes with body, rope, time and space in unpredictable ways. At the moment she calls it UNDOGMATIC ROPE or simply BERLIN BONDAGE

More -> www.felixruckert.de <http://www.felixruckert.de/>


February 3rd from 11am until 6pm
February 4th from 10am until 5pm

How much: 250€ per couple.
Online reservation (100€) highly recommended, balance of 150€ to be paid on site.

Cheap accommodation (10€/person/night) can be provided at Place des Cordes


Heure :
10:00 - 17:00
Site :


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